¡El último Halloween en Dakota del Sur!

Desde los burdeles y salones embrujados de Deadwood hasta las carreras de Halloween en Sioux Falls y una creativa tienda de disfraces en Mitchell, ¡Dakota del Sur es el lugar perfecto para celebrar la festividad más espeluznante! Ahora, prepárate para un poco de diversión macabra. 

1. Terror en la oscuridad, Rapid City, SD

Para una experiencia verdaderamente aterradora, Terror in the Dark es la mejor casa embrujada que existe. Solo está abierto durante unos días en octubre, pero es inmensamente popular para la gente de Black Hills. Vampiros sedientos de sangre, zombis tambaleantes, fantasmas aterradores y espantosos demonios acechan por los pasillos en busca de su próxima víctima. Los invitados solo pueden ver a los monstruos inquietantes a través de la niebla, la oscuridad y las luces intermitentes. Terror in the Dark no admite niños pequeños.

2. Compañía de dulces del condado de Custer, Custer, SD

Llene canastas de dulces y satisfaga los antojos de dulces en Custer County Candy Company. ¡Es el lugar más dulce de Black Hills! Esta tienda de dulces de una pequeña ciudad se especializa en chocolates hechos a mano, dulces tradicionales, bebidas de espresso, helados y otros productos locales. Custer County Candy Company tiene las golosinas deliciosas para hacer de su casa la mejor de la cuadra. 

3. Zombie Walk, Sioux Falls, Dakota del Sur

Únete a la horda de zombis durante este desfile de Sioux Falls. Los maquilladores profesionales blanquean, pintan venas y costras con plantillas y salpican a los voluntarios con cubos de sangre para que tengan un auténtico aspecto zombificado. El maquillaje cuesta solo $5 y no tienes que estar en el desfile para hacerlo. ¡También habrá desfile de carrozas! ¡Participa de forma única en el evento de Halloween más esperado de la temporada y conviértete en un zombi hambriento de carne!

4. Ciudad fantasma de Okaton, Murdo, Dakota del Sur

Head to an authentic South Dakota ghost town for some non-commercial scares! Just off of Interstate 90, Okaton was once a bustling railroad and farming town. It was founded in 1906 when the railroad came to this area. The line closed down in the 1980s, and the town was completely abandoned after a short attempt to turn it into a tourist attraction. This central South Dakota ghost town is off Interstate 90 on exit 183 west of Murdo. Note: The buildings may be abandoned, but the property is private! 

5. Spokane Ghost Town, Custer, SD

In western South Dakota near Custer State Park is another authentic ghost town, Spokane. Founded in 1890, it was a town founded around a mine of the same name. The town’s profits totaled $114,742 in 1927, its best year. But by the early 1940s, the mine had dried up. The town was slowly abandoned. It is currently fairly intact, and there are buildings like homes, a root cellar, old cars, schoolhouse, farm buildings, chicken coop, foundations, and supervisor’s home. The road to the town is east of US-16, between North and South Playhouse Road. There is a small dirt parking area near the gated dirt road leading to town. There are no signs for the town, so keep your eyes peeled!

6. Zoom Soda & Candy, Rapid City, SD

After an afternoon of exploring eerie abandoned towns, head to this candy store for a sweet treat! This store has shelves packed with hard to find candy and sodas as well as the classics. Whether unique jelly bean flavors or dark chocolate bars imported straight from Holland, this candy store has something for everyone! Zoom Soda & Candy is located right across from Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City.

7. Ghost Tour at the Historic Fairmont Hotel, Deadwood, SD

Deadwood is known for their many haunted buildings from when the town was a rough-and-tumble town of miners and gunslingers. Experience the old days of Deadwood by taking the ghost tour at the Historic Fairmont Hotel. The Fairmont Hotel sure has its fair share of tragedies. It was built in the 1800s and was a brothel and saloon. In the early 1900s, one of the “upstairs girls” jumped out a third floor window. In the same year, a man was murdered by a jealous boyfriend of a woman who worked there. When escaping, the man accidently shot and killed himself. The hotel has even been featured on the Travel Channel, the Dead Files, and Ghost Adventures. 

8. Einstein’s Costume & Prop Rental, Mitchell, SD

Support local stores by shopping at Einstein’s instead of the many corporate pop-up Halloween stores. They have a huge variety of costumes to buy or rent, including witches, vampires, the Addams Family, The Munsters, Cruella de Vil, Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and many more. Einstein’s Costume & Prop Rental has reasonable prices with an amazing, huge selection of items, costumes, props, and more.

9. Haunted Maze at the Heartland Country Corn Maze, Harrisburg, SD

Just outside of Sioux Falls in Harrisburg is this peaceful countryside farm. In addition to the concession stand and regular corn maze, Heartland Country Corn Maze also hosts a haunted maze close to Halloween! They are open on Friday through Sunday from mid-August to late October. Check their website or Facebook for the haunted maze dates. 

10. Trick-or-Treat Trail Run at Pasley Park, Sioux Falls, SD

The Trick-or-Treat Trail Run is the perfect opportunity to exercise away some of the candy! There will be both a 5K and 10K. Participants are welcomed to either run or walk. There will be a half-mile Candy Dash for children ages three to 10. Each finisher receives a goodie bag and shirt, and awards are given out for the best costumes.